Saturday, November 20, 2010

eurydice stop motion: I-III

for my independent study, i somehow ended up doing stop motion! i chose the story of eurydice, and these are stills from my first 3 attempts. the first two are very william kentridge-esque, and the third i stole from a new zealand PSA.

all three stop at the part in the story where eurydice dies. i'm doing more stop motion for the rest of the story.

eurydice I - this one was pretty simple. it was basically a test to see if i could get the hang of it or not.

eurydice II - this one i wanted to go for a more kentridge-ian morphing of images from one to the other. this one was a lot more fun than the first.

eurydice III - getting away from charcoal and paper. lots of fun as well.

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